Dr.Select - Select Organic SPA LBS Organic Cleansing 150g

Brand from Japan: Dr.Select. The LBS organic cleansing gel which gives skin basical power by increasing probiotic upon washing your face. A general cleansing and facial cleanser are made with the idea based on eradication, antibacterial, and sterilization, and those cleansers washes away or decrease an important probiotic which protects the skin, and gives great damage to the skin. Cleansing of select organic SPA was researched and developed in order to increase probiotic while washing the skin. LBS culture, selected organic materials and hot spring water calm the delicate skin and firmly drop off the dirt of make-up without any strain. Creating beautiful is based on cleansing. Discovery of new material LBS culture: As a result of investigating soil bacteria on the land where plentiful crops grow for a long time, the existence of various soil bacteria in nature has become clear, and combination of 3 useful bacteria was found, such as lactic acid bacteria, bacillus natto and yeast. Extremely useful functional ingredients can be produced by mixed culture of these three species, and this combination was named as LBS culture. LBS culture is a useful ingredient that has been used in the areas related to health maintenance and immunity improvement such as people, pets, livestock, and fish for 17 years.

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